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Why Choose Us?
Fast Delivery
Getting money fast is at the top of our customers' list of priorities, and for good reason. Unexpected expenses are simply that: unexpected, and usually immediate. That's the draw of credit cards with their instant access to funds but what do you do when you don't have a credit card or your credit card is maxed out? That's why we deliver our loans in at most one business day and sometimes faster.

Apply In Minutes
Almost as bad as waiting for funds to arrive is filling out long applications and waiting for a decision to come. You can easily complete our application in five minutes and our decision will be usually less than fifteen minutes from then.

No Surprise Costs
We have completely transparent pricing that anyone can understand. Some lenders disguise how much you're going to pay with complex formulas but we are completely up front about everything.
What We Want

Before you go to the application form and fill it out, you should make sure you have these documents handy.

  • Your Social Security Number
  • Driver's License
  • The date of your previous and coming paycheck
  • Names and phone numbers of two references
  • Full name and address
  • Two phone numbers that we can reach you at

If you've got that information then the application will be a breeze. It can typically be done in around five minutes including the time to install the bank screen capture utility that we will provide.

It's also important that you have online access to your banking. We can't accepted faxed bank statements as a replacement. Most banks have online banking access so you may just have to phone them to set it up.

To see whether your bank supports it, go to the city page at the bottom. We'll list the nearby banks and whether or not your bank's screen captures are supported.

Use Responsibly
Important Things

Payday loans are intended for critical expenses that absolutely can't wait under any circumstances. This includes medical expenses, rent, or utilities. There are all sorts of completely legitimate uses for payday loans.

What people sometimes do that gets them in a bit of financial difficulty is using payday loans like a credit card. We believe that our fees are more than reasonable, when you consider that the ongoing expense is only 36% per year but this is still much higher than a credit card or a bank loan.

Sometimes Better To Wait

For expenses like a new dress or going out to a fancy dinner, the right thing to do is probably to put it off for another week or two. When you consider the cost, you could probably buy the item twice over compared to the expense of taking out several payday loans.

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